Sample state apprenticeship process overview, strategies to address barriers to employment for individuals with disabilities, including case studies.

The Maine State Apprenticeship Expansion Case Study highlights promising practices in growing and scaling the state apprenticeship system. One success factor highlighted in the report is the development of an industry intermediary strategy that directly enlists industry in apprenticeship expansion efforts and supports cross-industry collaborative learning.

This resource identifies several myths about Registered Apprenticeship and provides a response for each.

Strategies, tactics, and methods leading to the development of sustainable Registered Apprenticeship programs.

California toolkit to support design of pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs that intentionally encourage and support inclusion and equity.

CompTIA interview with Todd Cronin, CEO & Founder, Ryu Tea, on employer benefits and successes to hiring cybersecurity apprenticeships for growth and expansion.

Code Fellows and AAW discussion on Open IT Apprenticeships to support a diverse talent pipeline for IT industry.

This resource from Washington State provides comprehensive information to help parents and caregivers understand apprenticeship career pathways.

The Return on Investment (ROI) calculator is one tool businesses can use to explore Registered Apprenticeship program options and associated costs and benefits.

Brief on challenges to achieving equity for underrepresented populations, introducing several ideas for building connections into apprenticeship through recruitment, preparation, and retention activities.