Businesses and industries are at the center of our efforts. Marketing, particularly in new industries, can be challenging. Information and resources are provided here to support your efforts.

Self-assessment tool designed to help youth apprenticeship program administrators and policymakers determine how effectively a program is engaging employers and industry to meet program development, implementation, and sustainability goals.

In this resource designed for employers, find tips for calculating the return on investment of inclusive apprenticeship, action steps, and resources for making that program inclusive.

This 30 minute video by Safal Partners covers key communication strategies about the benefits of Registered Apprenticeship.

The goal of this report is to highlight effective employer engagement practices and identify key lessons learned from implementing technology-focused apprenticeship programs. 

Behavioral Insights & Apprentice Sponsorship How to Apply Behavioral Insights to Improve Employer Engagement and Expand Apprenticeship, from the National Association of State Workforce Agencies provides insights and strategies that can help make communications with employers more impactful.

This resource collection includes industry-specific tools, successful program examples, and other tools and information that can be used to help start and expand Registered Apprenticeship programs in 11 different sectors.

The Urban Institute's Guide to Learning About Local Workforce Systems is an interactive resource that allows users to quickly navigate between different aspects of local workforce systems.

Explore industries to learn more about success stories of occupations companies are leveraging in apprenticeship.

This resource from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Vocational Education Research and Technical Advisory Committee (VERATAC), provides information about 21 different labor market information sources, their strengths and limitations, and when and what to use the specific data for.

USDOL provides Registered Apprenticeship information, tools, and outreach materials tailored to business needs.