What is the Apprenticeship Professionals Learning Network: A Space for Collaboration and Connection

four people's hands holding a puzzle piece. The Apprenticeship Professionals Learning Network (Network) is a virtual learning community for Apprenticeship Professionals at all levels of experience to connect, collaborate, and learn from one another’s experiences designing, implementing, and sustaining high quality Registered Apprenticeship Programs. Whether you are new to apprenticeship and need to learn the basics or have years of experience, this community is for you!

Who is in the Network: Apprenticeship Professionals

Apprenticeship Professionals are directly responsible for designing, building, and supporting Registered Apprenticeship Programs; outreach to business about apprenticeship; and/or recruiting and supporting apprentices for multiple programs. They work for a variety of organizations, including state and local government, workforce boards, community colleges, and other apprenticeship intermediaries. If you work on the frontlines to expand Registered Apprenticeship as an Apprenticeship Navigator, Apprenticeship Representative/Consultant/Coordinator, Business Engagement Specialist—whatever title you may hold—you are a frontline Apprenticeship Professional.

What the Network Does: Facilitate learning and connection

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The Network provides high-quality, accurate, on-demand national level information and virtual training on key Registered Apprenticeship topics and skills. We are a source of easily accessible, organized, searchable, and integrated resources that support professional development for Apprenticeship Professionals while improving the ability of states and partners to recruit and retain apprenticeship staff. The Network complements state-specific training on registration processes, funding, partnership opportunities and more. Contact information for the apprenticeship team in individual states can be found here.

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The Network brings together Apprenticeship Professionals from across the continuum of experience, providing a forum that drives networking opportunities for experienced professionals while accelerating learning and onboarding for those professionals that are new to apprenticeship. The Network will provide a space for connection where Apprenticeship Professionals can identify challenges and barriers to apprenticeship expansion and share best practices and solutions.


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