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USDOL resource from Training and Employment Notice 31-16 covers child labor laws for apprentice minors.

Resource Type: Policy

Information, resources, and technical assistance for federal and state staff and sponsors to support required program reviews.

Resource Type: Variety of Materials

American Institutes for Research (AIR) has published a brief called Improving Apprenticeship Completion Rates which summarizes a review of the research about apprenticeship completion and provides recommendations for strategies and practices to increase retention and completion rates.

Resource Type: Brief

The Tradeswomen Image Library from the Western Resources Center for Women in Apprenticeship provides free images for use under a Creative Commons license. These are images of real tradeswomen on job sites and in manufacturing settings.

Resource Type: Variety of Materials

These online training modules from Apprenticeship Carolina offer easily accessible training for mentoring in apprenticeship and include lessons for general mentoring and specific lessons for mentorship in healthcare and in manufacturing.

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USDOL provides Registered Apprenticeship information, tools, and outreach materials tailored to business needs.

Resource Type: Fact Sheet, Variety of Materials

The Urban Institute has curated resources for Recruiting Veterans and Transitioning Service Members into your Registered Apprenticeship Program which includes materials on how to find qualified veterans and potential funding opportunities to support their success.

Resource Type: Variety of Materials

The National Library includes on-the-job learning outlines, classroom instruction outlines, and other information. Healthcare partners may review, select, and adapt the occupational outlines and competency models to their apprenticeship efforts.​

Resource Type: Variety of Materials

Cybersecurity Youth Apprenticeship Initiative guide compilation of government resources that are available for tax credits for apprenticeship programs in each State/Territory.

Resource Type: Guide