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This resource from Jobs for the Future (JFF) provides four concrete strategies for increasing equity and diversity in Registered Apprenticeship Programs including different examples of how businesses can implement these strategies.

Resource Type: Brief

This component of comprehensive Registered Apprenticeship training provided to CareerSource FL Apprenticeship Navigators focuses on business engagement strategies.

Resource Type: Fact Sheet, Variety of Materials

A series of webcasts and webinars covering foundational knowledge of the Registered Apprenticeship system.

Resource Type: Recorded Training

Outlines key steps in program development, important considerations when building a new program, and tools to get started.

Resource Type: Variety of Materials

An overview of Registered Apprenticeship, including key elements.

Resource Type: Fact Sheet

Quick reference guide for RAP sponsors to understand an overview of the apprenticeship program review process.

Resource Type: Guide

Video with high-level overview of the program review process to help sponsors prepare for program reviews.

Resource Type: Video

Interactive , self-paced PowerPoint on types and components of program review to provide an understanding of the program review process for sponsors.

Resource Type: Slide Deck

Brief on challenges to achieving equity for underrepresented populations, introducing several ideas for building connections into apprenticeship through recruitment, preparation, and retention activities.

Resource Type: Brief

This training video by the National Association of Workforce Boards and Jobs for the Future provides information for workforce development professionals about how to understand apprenticeship. It is useful to help apprenticeship professionals understand how workforce development staff conceptualize Registered Apprenticeship Programs.

Resource Type: Video