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Resource designed to help states consider five dimensions of system alignment, and explore strategies to strengthen alignment.

Resource Type: Report

Field-informed program design elements and considerations for building systems, processes, partnerships, and practices that can drive diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in Registered Apprenticeship programs.

Resource Type: Variety of Materials

California toolkit to support design of pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs that intentionally encourage and support inclusion and equity.

Resource Type: Toolkits

Guide with tools to support your success with regard to recruitment, program launch, and promising practices for inclusive programs.

Resource Type: Guide

Sample guidance and resources on how to support both apprentices and their employers utilizing WIOA resources.

Resource Type: Slide Deck

This video from the National Association for Workforce Boards provides information for workforce development providers about how to partner with apprenticeship. Apprenticeship professionals can learn how our partners on the workforce side understand their role in these partnerships.

Resource Type: Video

Guide for local workforce professionals on key players, what role(s) those partners typically play in supporting Registered Apprenticeship programs, and leadership roles.

Resource Type: Guide

30 minute video provides information about how Adult Basic Education and Career Technical Education programs work with pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships

Resource Type: Video