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This 30 minute video by Safal Partners covers key communication strategies about the benefits of Registered Apprenticeship.

Resource Type: Video

This chapter from the Urban Institute's Building Partnerships and Collaborations with Workforce and Education Systems: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Form Partnerships with Education and Workforce Programs to Create Trafficking Survivor Economic Security provides comprehensive information about how to identify local workforce programs and strategies for developing partnerships with them.

Resource Type: Guide

Overview of Office of Apprenticeship and State Apprenticeship Agency distinctions, and an interactive map with links to contact information for every State's appropriate contacts.

Resource Type: Infographic

CompTIA interview with Todd Cronin, CEO & Founder, Ryu Tea, on employer benefits and successes to hiring cybersecurity apprenticeships for growth and expansion.

Resource Type: Video

Abt Webinar recording on findings from evaluation of U.S. DOL's American Apprenticeship Initiative (AAI)

Resource Type: Recorded Training

Employer guide to a cybersecurity registered apprenticeship program for youth.

Resource Type: Guide

Code Fellows and AAW discussion on Open IT Apprenticeships to support a diverse talent pipeline for IT industry.

Resource Type: Recorded Training, Video

Guide and best practices for Youth Apprenticeship development and operations including messaging materials and sample documents.

Resource Type: Toolkits

Tools to start and register an apprenticeship program for system stakeholders.

Resource Type: Toolkits