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This resource identifies several myths about Registered Apprenticeship and provides a response for each.

Resource Type: Toolkits, Variety of Materials

Strategies, tactics, and methods leading to the development of sustainable Registered Apprenticeship programs.

Resource Type: Guide, Toolkits

Tool for employers with searchable database of educators, intermediaries, sponsors, workforce boards, apprenticeship offices, and more.

Resource Type: Variety of Materials

In this resource designed for employers, find tips for calculating the return on investment of inclusive apprenticeship, action steps, and resources for making that program inclusive.

Resource Type: Variety of Materials

Rapidly Deploy and Scale Apprenticeship: A Resource to Help Employers Work with an Apprenticeship Intermediary provides concrete steps for helping employers understand what intermediaries can provide and how to work with them.

Resource Type: Guide

Apprenticeship Equal Employment Opportunity Toolkit helps put businesses on the path toward reaching the 7% goal and complying with USDOL’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) regulations.

Resource Type: Toolkits

Webinar for intermediaries who work with sponsors to recognize unlawful harassment. Webinar will support an understanding of EEO requirements regarding anti-harassment and rights related to filing a harassment complaint.

Resource Type: Video

This brief from the National Skills Coalition provides information about sector strategies and partnerships, including local workforce board partnerships, that can help ramp up work-based learning. 

Resource Type: Brief

Mentor guide for experienced workers who teach and advise youth apprentices at work.

Resource Type: Guide

This quick reference guide provides information about how Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA) programs can support Registered Apprenticeship Program sponsors, employers, and apprentices in a variety of ways.

Resource Type: Guide